Greets the mayor

Estimad @ internaut:

As Mayor of Daya Nueva, it is an honor for me to dedicate these words to you, and may thank you for taking a few minutes to visit the website of our municipality.

In this corner of our town you will find a great variety of information of interest, from print, requests and ordinances, to the origin of our town, its festivals and gastronomy, whose quality is more than guaranteed by the situation that Daya Nueva occupies in the Heart of the Vega Baja.

It is within our objectives to implement an electronic administration that will make any process is a click of your computer, through our website.

To those who visit us from outside, I invite you to enter our paths and paths loaded with the purest traditions, whose history makes our town a very interesting place for any traveler who wants to visit us. The orchards on one side and another on rural roads that cut all the plantations that this land offers us, such as the artichoke or broccoli and large orchards of orange trees that dress our people tradition, work and history.

I invite you to taste our more traditional gastronomy. Come and take a walk on Daya Nueva.

Greetings from the Mayoress – President:

Mª Teresa Martínez Girona.